Parish Services

This is a brief outline of some of the services that Bradwell Parish Council provides to residents.

  • Managing Heelands Meeting Place and Bradwell Memorial Hall
  • Opening the parish office, near Heelands shops
  • Providing and administering three allotment garden sites
  • Taking part in, and helping to finance, initiatives to improve our area and its quality of life
  • Keeping residents informed through regular newsletters, noticeboards, Facebook and this website
  • Holding play/activity sessions in each residential area during school holidays
  • Installing modern children's play equipment throughout the area
  • Upkeep of the sports and recreation grounds in Bradwell Village and Heelands South Field
  • Making grants to local community groups and other organisations that serve local people 
  • Providing the dog waste bins throughout the parish and litter bins at our sports grounds
  • Being part of the community drive to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour and maintaining a Drinking Control Area throughout the parish
  • Negotiating to take over a number of community facilities from Milton Keynes City Council and run them locally for the benefit of local residents of all ages
  • Exercising the power to comment on all planning applications in the parish
  • Looking after the Parish and the welfare of everyone in it to the best of our ability