Our Community

Bradwell Parish comprises the localities of Bradwell Village, Bradwell Common, Heelands, Bradwell Abbey along with the commercial district of Rooksley. It is therefore mostly bounded at the north and south by H4 Danstead Way and H5 Portway; at the east by V7 Saxon Street and on the west by the railway line. That said, Bradwell Abbey is beyond the railway, but, surrounded by commercial development, it therefore rightly belongs to the parish.

The history of Bradwell Village is very old, and predates the development of Milton Keynes by centuries. Both Bradwell Common and Heelands began life early in the establishment of Milton Keynes as a new town, in the late 1960s. Whilst Bradwell Village retains its historical green spaces, Heelands and Bradwell Common were designed with an ethos to include trees and greenspaces, and adapted the most modern design and architectural concepts of the time, including ready access to schools, employment and shopping, while the grid roads also give access to the wider area and beyond. The main shopping centre of Milton Keynes is a short way to the south, and within walkable distance for many Bradwell Parish residents. The parish has a population of approximately 9,500, with 7,009 registered on the electorate register. It contains two church buildings, St Lawrence’s (Church of England, in Bradwell Village) and St Augustine’s (Roman Catholic in Heelands), other church groups meet in the local halls and schools, three public houses, and four schools.