Each year, Bradwell Parish Council raises income, creates a budget and then spends money on providing services and support to the local community.

Please visit the financial year for information on the parish council’s finances for that year. It will give you an opportunity to have your say about how we are doing.

We will also publish details of our spending each month (in line with the law), give updates as we develop the budget for next year and details of the budget consultation, once we start that.

Scanned pdf documents do not comply with the Accessibility Regulations but these documents can be provided in an alternative format or on alternative media, on request.

Year 2023-2024 

Documents pertaining to Bradwell Parish Council 

Budget 2023-24
Year 2022-2023

Documents pertaining to Bradwell Parish Council

Bradwell Parish Council budget 2022-23 
Business Plan for 2023 
Year 2021-2022

Documents pertaining to Bradwell Parish Council

Exercise of Public Rights 2021-2022
Agar 2021-2022
Notice of conclusion of audit

We bring income in from a variety of sources, including the precept – this is an amount that is part of Council Tax that provides income towards the services we provide. For information about the precept, you can visit the Milton  Keynes Council website HERE. A full list of parish precepts is available HERE.

Please see below details of our spending of over £500 each month excluding staff salaries (in line with the law).

Documents are shown here for the 2020/2021 Council year which runs from April – March.

Payments Made Over £500 – April 2020 
Payments Made Over £500 – May 2020 
Payments Made Over £500 – June 2020 
Payments Made Over £500 – July 2020 
Payments Made Over £500 – August 2020 
Payments Made Over £500 – September 2020 
Payments Made Over £500 – October 2020 
Payments Made Over £500 – November 2020 
Payments Made Over £500 – December 2020