Dog Bins - Where to walk your dog

Bradwell Parish Council provides a service collecting and disposing of rubbish from all dog bins and some (eight) of the waste bins within the parish. Milton Keynes Council supplies litter bins for shopping centres and play areas within the parish, except for the litter bins around the sports ground in Bradwell Village. The parish provides all the dog waste bins (forty one). Bins supplied by Bradwell Parish are emptied weekly and the cost of emptying them is a significant item of parish expenditure.

All dog waste bins supplied since 2007 are dark green, some installed prior to that are red. Please see the map and list below for the location of these.

Please note that on the map also shows one dog waste bin, that situated in Hadrians Drive, Bancroft, which is under the control of Stantonbury Parish Council and not Bradwell Parish.


Dog Waste Bin Locations

Please use the link below to view a map of the dog waste bin locations. Each red dot represents the approximate position of a dog waste bin.

Dog Waste Bin Locations Map

There are dog and litter bins at Bradwell Abbey - situated by the side entrance gates to the City Discovery Centre off south side redway near the brook.

The Parish is also trialling offering poo bags for dog walkers, which can also be collected from the office whilst stocks are available. (There is no charge but we ask for a donation to Willen Hospice.)

Dog waste bin
The dog waste bins locations in Bradwell Village are:

  1. South west end of sports ground
  2. North west end of sports grounds near brook bridge
  3. On redway, opposite Bowls Club (by proposed Community Orchard & Quiet Area)
  4. Abbey Road, opposite sports grounds car park
  5. Concrete Litter bin by Sports Grounds at Abbey Road / Primrose Road junction
  6. Primrose Road, by entrance to King George’s Field recreation ground.
  7. Concrete litter bin near in Primrose Road by dog waste bin in above location 8.
  8. Metal Litter bin in King George’s Field
  9. Abbey Road near Vicarage Road junction by Abbey Field
  10. Large metal litter bin on driveway at top of Abbey Field
  11. Bellchambers Walk, Abbey Field Wildlife Conservation Area
  12. Two small metal litter bins at
  13. pond / railway end of Abbey Field Wildlife Conservation Area
  14. Vicarage Road (spur), at western entrance to Glebe Field near the Church Gates
  15. Hilliard Drive, rear of play area
  16. Loughton Road, on redway opposite the junction of Vicarage Road
  17. Redway towards Rooksley, parallel to Loughton Road near end of Atkins Close
  18. Redway by entrance to Craddocks Close play area
  19. At Common Lane redway junction, near side of Bradwell Village School sport grounds.
  20. Common Lane redway junction, by Priory Common School.

The dog waste bins locations in Heelands are:

  1. Common Lane redway, near Heelands Local Centre shops
  2. Glovers Lane, by entrance driveway to “orchard” and allotments
  3. Glovers Lane, by rear entrance to Heelands Local Centre
  4. Redway parallel to Glovers Lane on grass near junction with Gibsons Green
  5. Common Lane (central), near path to Translands Brigg
  6. Common Lane, by five cross redways near play area
  7. Heelands Southern Field sports ground (east end near Redway Junction)
  8. Heelands Southern Field sports grounds (west end near basketball courts)
  9. Metal Litter bin at Heelands Sports Grounds (east end near No 28 above)
  10. Leyburn Court, by redwaydog waste and litter bin
  11. Langcliffe Drive (north side)
  12. Ellisgill Court (by small play area)
  13. Arncliffe Drive (south side)
  14. By redway junction, by redway towards Bradville near Gisburn Court
  15. On redway by play area, rear of Arncliffe Drive (even numbers)
The dog waste bins locations in Bradwell Common are:

  1. Ibstone Avenue, by redway crossing near No. 9.
  2. By redway, at rear of Bradwell Common Local Park
  3. By redway parallel to Blackheath Crescent
  4. Burnham Drive (east side, near junction with Booker Avenue)
  5. End of Mayditch Place
  6. Bradwell Common Boulevard (reservation between the Boulevard and service road near The Countryman pub.)
  7. Wimbledon Place on grass near junction with Arbrook Avenue.
  8. Junction of Brill Place and Bradwell Common Boulevard near side entrance to Aldi store.
  9. Large metal Litter bin near dog waste bin at location 43 above.